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Prairie Smoke By Sarah Alford

Sarah Alford

Prairie Smoke
Geum triflorum
Lethbridge, AB 2016

Bridges284 by Shawn Butler

Shawn Butler

Millennium Footbridge
London, 2007
Digital print, 50.8 x 61 cm

Frances Cloke

Frances Cloke

Recipe in Progress
Chromogenic print 4”x6”


Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

Exhibition-Suspended Landscapes

Suspended Landscapes

Shawn Butler
Fall 2020 (TBA)

My photographs of bridges, taken across Canada and Britain, present a layering of landscapes, the natural with that of human design.

exhibition CACCIA: A Solstice Celebration

A Solstice Celebration

CACCIA (Anne Archer and Chris Giguere)
December 2020

For thousands of years in hundreds of cultures, people have performed solstice ceremonies to welcome the return of the light. Against an ancient and atavistic fear that the light, the sun, will not return without human intervention, we undertake vigils and engage in in antic celebrations. We eat special food, we decorate our houses with seasonal symbols, we dress up and sometimes act out, we light candles, we honour our dead.

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The Power of Art (and Hockey)

The Power of Art (and Hockey)

It’s starting to look a lot like, no, not Christmas, but a lot like there will be more hockey this year, that they will award a Stanley Cup for 2020. Until now that seemed impossible, there was too much at stake to endanger lives. Nobody wanted a rerun of the 1919...

Lost Gloves

Lost Gloves

I have been taking pictures of lost gloves since 2002 as my personal response to a feature of the urban landscape that catches my attention and demands examination and documentation. At that time, in the spring of the second year after my mother had died, my elderly...


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